Have you ever wanted to join an online community?

You know... a REAL community. Not Facebook or MySpace or another redundant social media site...

I'm talking about a community revolving around HEALTH AND FITNESS!

Enter MuscularStrength.com

If you sign up by clicking on this link, you will gain access to a free month of Platinum Membership!

What are the advantages of being a paying member on this site? Well, I could ramble like a professor about its benefits, but I'll do my best to keep it brief:

  • Over 800 workouts
  • Mealplanner & Calorie Tracker
  • Exclusive articles and videos uploaded weekly

Again, the first month is FREE! You can cancel at any time during it.

Should you choose to continue it, membership costs only $8 a month. You could always go back to a free membership if you choose to do so (although I seriously DOUBT you would want to).

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