*rounded to 1 decimal

The average lifter warms up far too little before a workout. Failing to warm up properly can result in a mediocre workout performance and injury as well.

Hence this handy calculator above; it will give you specific warm up sets to perform before any major lift(s) of your workout. Warming up this way will help prevent injury and help you lift like a beast!

Diving into the Calculator

The formula used in the basis of this calculator is the Baechle equation for estimating your one-rep-max:

1RM = Weight * [(0.033333 * Number of Reps) + 1]

Just perform a set to failure at the gym, plug in your numbers above, and you'll find out your max!

Once you have your 1RM, use the following calculations for your warm up set scheme:

50%1RM for 5 reps

65%1RM for 3 reps

80%1RM for 1 rep

Before your warm up sets, I'd recommend 5 minutes of dynamic stretching for your entire body just to get the blood flowing, especially in areas that tend to get tight and/or injured easily (hip flexors, shoulders, etc.)

Once you finish stretching, perform those warm up sets in order (from the lightest weight to the heaviest weight) and you'll be good to go!

NOTE: like any formula, this isn't perfect. So I'd recommend plugging in anything ranging from your 5-rep-max to 8-rep-max for the most accurate results.